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Cavalor Muscle Fit is a powdered supplement designed to improve muscle function while delaying the onset of fatigue.
- Promotes flexibility and supports muscle activity before and after strenuous efforts.
- Allows the horse to be more supple and free right out of the stall.
- Reduces lactic acid build-up within the working muscles.
- Appropriate for horses prone to tying up.

Product Composition
Cavalor Muscle Fit contains:
- VITAMINS B1, B2, B12, B15: Essential for energy metabolism within the muscle cells.
- VITAMIN C: An antioxidant found to be particularly useful for horses engaging in long duration work, such as eventing, dressage, or endurance. Specially formulated with a pH neutral mineral complex. "surrounding" to stabilize the vitamin content and increase bio-availability.
- ZINC (CHELATED MINERAL): Assists in the breakdown of lactate and the synthesis of proteins used to repair damaged muscle cells.
- SODIUM BICARBONATE: Helps neutralize excess acid build up in the muscles and maintain ideal muscle pH.
- AMINO ACIDS: Lysine and methionine are critical amino acids for building healthy muscle cells.
-ISOLATED WHY PROTEIN: A strong antioxidant to limit muscle cell destruction and anti-inflammatory effects to help relieve muscle pain and soreness.

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