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Cavalor Muscle Force is a powdered supplement designed to build muscles and improve conditioning by accelerating and increasing the production of muscle cells. It provides long-term efficient and uniform muscle development by systematically increasing the number of muscle cells rather than simpy adding water to existing cells.

Product Composition
Cavalor Muscle Force supplies essential elements which support the natural and rapid development of muscles without interfering with other physiological processes.

Cavalor Muscle Force contains:
- NATURAL AMINO ACIDS: Amino Acids are the building blocks of muscle cells. The right supply of certain amino acids speeds-up muscle formation.
- HERBAL MIXTURE: Special mix of FEI legal herbs designed to increase muscle cell development while reducing the breakdown of existing muscle cells.
- PROBIOTICS: Contains nucleotides, DNA and RNA, which support muscle cell division and increases the multiplication of muscle cells to ensure and increase in muscle volume and strength.

Cavalor Muslce Force does not contain steroids or otehr ingredients that may influence the disposition of the horse ( will not make horses hot or excitable).

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