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* A fortified chelated copper supplement, ideal for ongoing use in copper deficient areas
* Suitable for all horses, particularly mares and foals, horses in competition or training, and showing horses and sales prepping
Works inside and out to give fast visible results. Copper influences fertility in mares, elasticity of tissues and skin condition. Foals and growing horses need adequate copper for correct development of bone structure. With copper’s role in tissue elasticity, it is important for performance horses. Copper enhances skin and hair condition for show horses and sales prep. When fed alongside Karron Oil, it will produce a natural sheen and depth of color.

Contains crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber, alpha-tocopherol acetate, cyanocobalamin, biotin, copper and manganese.

Directions: Mix with feed once daily. For horses less than 450 lbs - 0.3 fl oz; 450-850 lbs - 0.5 fl oz; 850-1,300 lbs - 1 fl oz.

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