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Cold Compression Ice Boot with Pump


Our compression boot is particularly effective in controlling the swelling on both front and hind legs. Made of heavy-duty fabric with a durable brass zipper, it provides safe and effective first aid, rehabilitation and post-surgical therapy for tendon and fetlock/hock injuries as well as fresh wounds. Freeze the boot in...
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Wilkers Combo Quilted Leg Wraps

from $28.95

Wilkers Combo Quilted Wraps are made from a 50/50 broadcloth top with 100% cotton flannel underside. The two layers are quilted over a 1/2" foam core that's cushioning and protective. They provide excellent support, protection and treatment. Machine washable and dryer safe. Sold as a pair.
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Equiline Woolen Stable Bandages


Equiline stable bandages are made of sturdy, soft tricot with heavy duty Velcro fastenings. Thanks to a special treatment to the yarn, the shavings do not remain on the bandages. Each package contains 2 bandages.
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Equiline Polo Bandages 4Pk


Polo fleece bandages with heavy duty velcro fastening. Set of 4. 
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Flannel Bandages

from $26.95

These heavy 100% brushed cotton flannel bandages are ideal for securing standing wraps. They are velcro wrapped and are stitched around the edges. Sold in sets of four.
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Vac's No Bow Bandages

from $12.95

Vac's Jersey No Bow Bandages are made with soft and absorbent fleece fabric with a center of dense foam that's held in place by structural stitching. Designed to fit under standing bandages for use as stall standing wraps or on the road as shipping wraps, they conform to your horse's legs for...
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Rap Last Equine Chew Deterrent Spray

from $14.95

Rap Last Equine Chew Deterrent Spray protects wraps and blankets with a combination of natural ingredients to prevent horses from chewing on wraps, blankets, wood, manes and tails.  [Custom Product Tab] Oloe resin capsicum, capsaicine, pelargonic acid and vanilly amide Directions: Use outside or in a well ventilated area Should be...
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EquiFit T-Foam Bandage Liner


EquiFit T-Foam linings react to your horse's body heat, molding and conforming to provide a custom, slip-free fit.  Use under EquiFit T-Sport Wraps or other wraps for maximum shock absorption and protection. Velcro closures make for easy use. 
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EquiFit T-Sport Wrap

from $47.00

EquiFit T-Sport Wraps provide excellent support and maximum compression without bulk. The breathable, open-celled, non-latex fabric backed with foam conforms attractively while keeping your horse's legs cool. Hand wash/ line dry. Sold as a pair. Pony – 5’L x 4”W Horse – 9’L x 4”W
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EquiFit AgSilver Maximum Strength WoundWrap


Equifit WoundWraps are made with 9% pure ionic silver and can be used multiple times on the same wound. Especially effective in preventing bacteria and fungal growth. 4" x 30"
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Saratoga Bandages

from $74.95

Saratoga Bandages are lined with silicone to offer a secure, stretchy fit. Providing more support that standard polo wraps, the breathable material carries only 3oz of water, remain lightweight even when wet. Black. Sold as set of 4.
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Walsh Brace Bandages


Walsh brace bandages are made from a special blend of nylon, rayon and rubber to offer firm, lightweight support.  Black. 4" x 6'. Sold as a pair.
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Lende Shipping Boots


These exceptional shipping boots feature a durable outer shell of 1000 denier nylon Cordura and a comfortable nylon liner. Hook and loop closures keep them firmly in place, yet easy to put on and take off. Sold as set of 4. Horse size.
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Kentucky Horsewear Tendon Grip


Tendon Grips provide an extra layer of protection beneath boots, preventing tenderness and rubs.  Easy to put on and take off, the breathable elasticated tubular bandage can be cut down to fit any horse’s leg, providing versatile support and compression. They can even be used to hold ice packs in place. 2cm...
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Vac's Flannel Bandages with Velcro

from $20.95

Classic, heavyweight, 100% cotton flannel with extra wide hook-and-loop closure for sure grip.  6″ wide
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Sealtex Latex Bandage


Sealtex latex bandage is self-sealing and waterproof. Originally designed as a leg wrap, it's very effective as a bit wrap. 3" wide X 36" long.

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