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Wilkers Wide Partial Pad


Fleece top with a 100% cotton quilted flannel underside.
Wilkers Hunter Show Pad Fleece Edge


The center of this pad is 1/2" quilted foam with a rolled fleece edge for a closer contact between saddle and horse. Has billet and girth straps.
Gel- Eze Under Bandage


Not only protects your horses legs when bandaged, but, when chilled acts as an instant compress for sore joints and tendons also aiding the recovery from strenuous exercise and hard-ground trauma. Can also be used as a non slip pad under your saddle. Re-usable, non toxic, washable. Measures 12" x...
Non-Slip Antibacterial Underpad


For no-slip grip UNDER the saddle pad. Great for all riding disciplines. The special material is perforated for breathability, and possesses antibacterial properties. Can be used whole or cut down to match the dimensions of the saddle pad. Black
ThinLine Front Shim Ultra Trifecta Pad


Inserts are custom cut specifically for each pad with a tapered edge to ensure you will never have a pressure point. ThinLine exclusive foam makes saddles fit better, and horse more comfortable. Inserts stay put without shifting and you may stack up to three sets.
Wilkers Hunter Show Pad 1" Cantle


This pad has an extra 1" of foam sewn into the cantle to build up the seat area of the saddle. Has billet and girth straps.
Wilkers Hunter Show Pad w/ Wide Velcro Opening


A very popular saddle pad for those riders who use gel pads. This pad has a wide Velcro opening at the pommel that allows the gel pad to be inserted and then removed with ease when the pad needs to be washed. Has billet and girth straps.
EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad


Designed to absorb extreme impact. This saddle pad molds to the contour of the horse's back, ensuring a secure and custom fit. A multi-dimensional air mesh allows air flow and promotes circulation.
KL Select All-Purpose English Saddle Pads by USG

$54.95 $32.95

All Saddle Pads by United Sportproducts Germany (USG) are made of 100% cotton fill and a quilted body. Features include elegant rolled piping and trim in contrasting colors.  Dressage Pad Dimensions: 24” across the spine with a 23” drop General Purpose Pad Dimensions: 24″ across the spine with a 21.5″ drop Pony General...
Acavallo Grip Contour Half Pad


Close Contact Memory Foam ½ pad made with new Acavallo® Grip System. The Acavallo® Grip System consists of a special patch made of highly resistant “gripping” material to provide perfect stability to the saddle. Fully breathable, washable at low temperatures. Memory foam absorbs shocks, eliminates rubbing and friction, distributes pressure...
Acavallo Gel Pad with Middle Riser


This pad gel with middle riser is designed to put the saddle in balance and move the center of gravity - maintaining the correct rider position. Like all the Acavallo Gel Pads, it is anti-slip and shock-absorbing, this means that it softens the blows to which the horse’s back and rider are subjected. The low profile...
Acavallo Withers Free Hexagonal Gel Pad


The Acavallo Withers Free Hexagonal Gel Pad with Memory doesn’t compress the withers. Anti-slip, shock absorbing memory gel pad. Aesthetically designed with an ergonomic form, it will be perfect partner of your saddle.This is the ideal pad for riders using a custom-made saddle for their horse who want to feel...
Rio Jumper


Embellished with an elegant border of rhinestones, Rio too is made with soft cotton. The wadding used is 900 g pure breathable cotton-wool. All the fabrics are sanforized and hypoallergenic. Thanks to the ACS2 system with Shock Absorber, the saddle pad guarantees maximum breathability and a high level of pressure...
Ogilvy Foam Hunter Pad


A close contact, fleece-trimmed contour pad. Features even synthetic fleece around the edges for a classic show look, with long billet straps. Polly cotton twill at the flaps on the outside with brushed soft poly on the inside. Upper segment is Ogilivy's therapeutic foam that conforms to your horse's back,...
Ogilvy Profile Pad


Made of resistant poly cotton twill, protected with stain resistance on the outside. The profile pad also features a unique V-top shape that makes all the difference. It reduces friction at the withers and on the horse's back. Its unique shape sets the pad firmly at the base of the...
Ogilvy MemoryFoam Half Pad


A half pad unequalled in comparison, it combines the V-top shape and anti-friction materials with removable MemoryFoam pads. The MemoryFoam acts as a buffer that fills any voids between the saddle and the horse, stabilizes the saddle, and provides shock-absorption for the backs of both horse and rider. This half...

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