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EquiFit ImpacTeq Half Pad


Designed to absorb extreme impact. This saddle pad molds to the contour of the horse's back, ensuring a secure and custom fit. A multi-dimensional air mesh allows air flow and promotes circulation.
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EquiFit Non-Slip Contour Half Pad


Covered in unique non-slip material and T-Foam lined, this pad helps ensure minimal movement. Featuring T-Foam technology, the pad conforms to the exact contours of your horse and saddle for a custom fit on every horse, every time.
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SupaFleece Half Pad


Quilted half pad with deluxe synthetic fleece lining and edge that looks and feels like real sheepskin. Black   Small: 21.5" spine Large: 23" spine
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High Wither Fleece Saddle Pad


High wither profile to provide additional support on the wither area. Synthetic fleece lining for comfort and to wick moisture. Classic quilted design. Retaining straps so the pad stays snug under the saddle.
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Suede Half Pad


SupaFleece lining and trim have been added to the saddle pads for excellent dryness and a smart appearance.     
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Acrilan Lined Saddle Pad


Small box quilt upper with generous synthetic fleece under but still allowing for a close contact. White   Small: 19" spine Large: 21.5" spine
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Non-Slip Antibacterial Underpad


For no-slip grip under the saddle pad. The special material is perforated for breathability, and possesses antibacterial properties. Can be used whole or cut down to match the dimensions of the saddle pad. Black
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No Slip Pad


Extremely durable. Place directly on the horse's back and place your pad over top. The saddle is held firmly in place. Black
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Gel- Eze Under Bandage


Not only protects your horses legs when bandaged, but, when chilled acts as an instant compress for sore joints and tendons also aiding the recovery from strenuous exercise and hard-ground trauma. Can also be used as a non slip pad under your saddle. Re-usable, non toxic, washable. Measures 12" x...
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Gel-Eze Non Slip Pad


Non slip, superb impact absorption qualities. Reduces risk of back and wither injury. Perforated to allow air flow. Lighter in weight than similar products. More compact. Suitable for most types of saddles. Non toxic, washable, recyclable.
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Acavallo Gel Pad with Double (Front & Rear) Risers


This Acavallo saddle pad has both front and rear risers to prevent a rocking saddle. Like all the Acavallo Gel Pads, it is anti-slip and shock-absorbing, this means that it softens the blows to which the horse’s back and rider are subjected. The low profile is ideal for use under close contact saddles...
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Silicone Anti-Slip Pad


Perforated silicone gel pad provides lightweight comfort and excellent grip. No more slipping saddles or sore backs!
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KL Select All-Purpose English Saddle Pads by USG

$54.95 $32.95

All Saddle Pads by United Sportproducts Germany (USG) are made of 100% cotton fill and a quilted body. Features include elegant rolled piping and trim in contrasting colors.  Dressage Pad Dimensions: 24” across the spine with a 23” drop General Purpose Pad Dimensions: 24″ across the spine with a 21.5″ drop Pony General...
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Fleeceworks Memory Foam Light AntiSlip Inserts


This full-length, 1/2" pad provides super close contact with light cushioning. Prevents saddle slippage without having to apply rubber pads directly to your horse's back. May be cut to customize fit. 
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Fleeceworks Perfect Balance Pad with Inserts


This half pad comes with a set of removable 1/2" visco-elastic inserts that fit the length of the pad. The inserts mold to your horse's back for a custom fit. Can be used alone or with any combination of Perfect Balance front or rear inserts (sold separately) to perfect fit....
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Fleeceworks Plus Foam Rear Saddle Riser Insert


These closed-cell, 3/4" foam pads are specifically designed to fit into the rear pockets of Fleeceworks shim-able saddle pads. Similar in feel and texture to muscle, they're beveled to prevent saddle bridging. Sold as a pair.

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