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Walsh Riding Crop


This classic crop by Walsh is balanced, flexible and comfortable with a grooved grip and capped end to prevent slip through.
Eton Jumping Bat


The contrasting aluminum trim in matching colors on this simple, classic high-quality carbon jumping bat are a stylish addition to this crop. The wide paddle gives a pop without a sting. 20" long
Bat Shield Popper


Riding bat with leather "Shield Keeper" and noslip microfiber handle. Black nylon threaded shaft. Small black end cap. 23" long
Classic Crop


Provide ideal balance and durability. Poppers stay secure, and handles and trim details are made to last. 18" long.
Jumping Bat 18"


Covered handle. Leather flap. 18" long.
Ashton Jumping Bat


Easy to grip bat for jumping. Jumping bat with soft and comfortable gel handle. 22" long.
Jumping Bat w/ Square Flap 18"


Bat with molded rubber grip handle and cap. Polyethylene covered fiberglass shaft with square synthetic flap.

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