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EcoGold CoolFit Hunter Pad


The Intelligent Pad that keeps your horse cooler! ECOGOLD has integrated smart textiles in its CoolFit Saddle Pad to create an intelligent saddle pad. The CoolFit™ pad senses the sweat of the horse and reacts by reducing its temperature and quickly evaporating moisture
Forward Flap Pad w/Velcro


Allows you to use the front attachments to fill in the shoulder cavity, lift the saddle off the withers, or combine with the back risers. All pieces attach to the Velcro attachments on the pad.
Back Riser Attachment


The WitherCare back riser add a little extra support of your horse's back from your saddle. Attaches with Velcro for easy attachment to the saddle pad.
Front Riser Pair


The WitherCare front attachments fill the horse's shoulder cavity, lifting the saddle off the withers and keeping the saddle perfectly balanced. They attach with Velcro.
Stabilizer Half Pad


The Stabilizer Half Pad is a hypo-allergenic, non-slip pad, made with a high-density 100% breathable foam that absorbs shock and moves impact laterally, protecting the horse’s back.
ForwardFlap Hunter Pad


The Original Non-Slip Forward Flap Hunter Pad used by the top hunter riders in America! The horse’s back is protected with breathable high-density open-cell foam, which absorbs shock and moves impact laterally.

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