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Seashore Acres Scratches Medication


Seashore Acres Scratches Medication treats skin irritation and protects against bacterial and fungal infection.  Contains lanolin, zinc oxide, chlorhexidine, clotrimazole, aloe, vitamin E and coconut oil. 
Seashore Acres Lin-A-Mint

from $31.95

This cooling liniment contains witch hazel, alcohol and essential oils to effectively reduce inflammation and ease sore muscles and bruises. Extremely gentle for sensitive skin, it can be sprayed on legs or body after exercise. USEF and FEI compliant.
Seashore Acres Sole Paint

from $31.95

Daily use will dramatically improve hoof quality over time. Available in 4oz. bottles w/ dauber top and 16 oz. container with brush top. The DMSO, clove oil and phenol take the sting out of bruised feet, sensitive soles and condition brittle walls. Available in 4oz. bottles with dauber top and 16 oz....
Cold Compression Ice Boot with Pump


Our compression boot is particularly effective in controlling the swelling on both front and hind legs. Made of heavy-duty fabric with a durable brass zipper, it provides safe and effective first aid, rehabilitation and post-surgical therapy for tendon and fetlock/hock injuries as well as fresh wounds. Freeze the boot in...
Regen-x EQ Hoof Dressing


Scientifically formulated, therapeutic skin safe, non-toxic cream that directly treats the underlying causes of cracking, brittle, weak, poor quality hooves. Contains BioBlocker, a proprietary antifungal.
Seashore Acres FEI Scratches Medication


Unique combination of antifungal, antibacterial and antipruritic elements in a cool cream base may be used to treat dermatitis, summer sores and other lesions as prescribed by your veterinarian.
Wilkers Combo Quilted Leg Wraps

from $28.95

Wilkers Combo Quilted Wraps are made from a 50/50 broadcloth top with 100% cotton flannel underside. The two layers are quilted over a 1/2" foam core that's cushioning and protective. They provide excellent support, protection and treatment. Machine washable and dryer safe. Sold as a pair.
Equiline Woolen Stable Bandages


Equiline stable bandages are made of sturdy, soft tricot with heavy duty Velcro fastenings. Thanks to a special treatment to the yarn, the shavings do not remain on the bandages. Each package contains 2 bandages.

from $32.95

Cools after intensive work. Relaxes taut muscles, tendons, and joints after exertion, thus bringing relief. Should be applied to cool the horses legs after heavy training and work.
Leovet FrogMedic Thrush Spray


FrogMedic spray penetrates deeply and spreads into grooves and fissures for effective treatment of acute thrush. The extremely targeted long spray apparatus allows FrogMedic formula to reach deep crevices and decayed spots. The drying action of Leovet FrogMedic allows healing, healthy tissue growth, and reduced deterioration and sogginess of hoof tissues....
Himalayan Rock Salt Brick


Himalayan Rock Salt is 100% all natural. Machined to a brick that fits in most standard 4 lb. salt lick holders.
LamiGard Pellets


A pelleted formulation of an All Natural Proprietary Blend of Botanical Extracts, Plant Sterols, Anti-Oxidants, and supportive nutrients. Promote increased circulation for removing destructive toxins from horse's hooves which have been treated for acute laminitis, or those prone to laminitis.
Veterinary Needle and 3 cc Syringe Combo


Monoject. Luer-slip. Individually packaged in plastic container. Box of 100.    Residents of CA, CT, IL, ME, MN, NH, NJ, or NY, please ask your veterinarian for a prescription to purchase needles and syringes. An easy way to get a prescription filled is to ask your veterinarian to email us...
Ultrasound Gel

from $11.95

Designed for diagnostic and therapeutic medical ultrasound. Aqueous, non-greasy formula. Will not stain clothing or damage transducers. Hypoallergenic. Easy to apply and remove. Use on intact skin only. For external use only.
6 cc Syringe

from $12.50

Monoject. Individually packaged in plastic container. Box of 50.    Residents of CA, CT, IL, ME, MN, NH, NJ or NY, please ask your veterinarian for a prescription to purchase needles and syringes. An easy way to get a prescription filled is to ask your veterinarian to email us at...


Poultice pad that aids in wound healing and relief of minor stiffness and soreness. 1 pad

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