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Healthy Weight


Rich in omega 3 fatty acids, Healthy Weight is supportive in many ways including allergy response, and skin, coat, gastric and muscle health. For horses that need to gain weight, Healthy Coat provides calories in addition to forage.
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Healthy Coat


All natural Omega 3 & 6 liquid feed supplement formulated for your horse. Works from the inside out to improve the performance, condition, overall health, and musculature of your horse.
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Rice Bran Oil


All natural, calorie- dense vegetable oil- high in antioxidants, lecithins and essential fatty acids. Recommended for performance horses, when prepping horses for sale or show, or to add sheen to the hair coat. Also excellent for improving body condition of horses. May be useful in maintaining a healthy digestive system...
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Energy and iron-rich multi-vitamin formula. Homogenized and totally in solution to ensure rapid and maximum absorption. Scientifically formulated and highly palatable. For all classes of horses.
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Elevate W.S. Vitamin E


Intended as an oral vitamin E supplement for horses of all classes. Developed to increase circulating blood levels quickly.
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Nano E


Nano E provides highly bioavailable natural vitamin E to horses through a unique delivery system. Natural vitamin E is far superior to synthetic forms of nutrient. Nano E features enhanced bioavailability and rapid absorption due to the special nanodispersion system that enables it to be water dispersible. Syringe included. 
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New Bludd


An iron tonic for healthy athletic blood levels when you feel your horse is lacking stamina. The supplement contains high levels of iron which has been formulated to enable your horse to properly absorb and utilize the iron, which increases performance, health, vigor and strength.
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Cuppra is the ultimate copper top-up with a multitude of health benefits. it has a high copper availability for coat and conditioning.
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Omega-Tri Oil


A horse omega 3 supplement produced from cold pressure unrefined flaxseed oil, sunflower oil, and olive oil. This blend of purely vegetarian seed oil provides the correct balance of 3:6:9 Omega fatty acids to increase the overall Omega 3 content of the equine diet.
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Kick Up


Given as a completion of the normal feed ration of competition horses at a high performance level. Contains well digestible and absorbable proteins of high quality and unsaturated fatty acids and can be used during heavy competition to get the horse fit in the short term.
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B Well


B Well is a B group vitamin containing essential B group vitamins and folic acid which are essential for energy production, effective feed utilization and blood cell formation.
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Hepato Liq

from $33.95

Complementary dietetic feed for horses for supporting the liver function in the case of chronic liver insufficiency.
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Pow'red Performance

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Given to competition horses as a supplement to their food in times of highly increased needs (competition season or when they are tired). Contains the right nutrients that active competition horses need to develop their explosive energy and their endurance.
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Wheat Germ Oil


An excellent source of energy, supporting normal physical and mental performance while helping achieve a soft, shiny and healthy coat. It is a rich source of natural Vitamin E and fatty acids, fortified with Vitamin A and Vitamin D. For horses of all classes and dogs or all ages.
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Nutritional Cod Liver Oil


An excellent source of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, the Omega-3 Fatty Acid, EFA, EPA and DHA. It is an excellent supplement for animals of all ages and classes.
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Linseed Oil


LSO Linseed Oil is one of the richest, natural sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, including alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) derived from plant seeds.

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