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ShowSheen® Hair Polish & Detangler

from $15.95

ShowSheen Hair Polish accentuates your horse's body tone and definition with brilliant, show-ring shine. Applied wet or dry, it's professional detangling action reduces grooming time by as much as 80% and will repel dust and static for a full week after use. 
Braidbinders In Tub


Good quality braiding bands in this handy reusable tub feature a hinged lid to help keep things tidy. Contains 800 rubber braid binders per container. 
Mane 'n Tail Detangler

from $12.95

Mane 'n Tail Detangler eliminates tangles and knots while providing additional conditioning benefits. Friction free slip for reduced grooming damage, helping to achieve and maintain longer, healthier mane and tails. Effective on wet or dry hair. Pleasant, non-fragranced, non-sticky formula.
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Grooma Comb


The Grooma Comb's revolutionary design allows its patented, rotating and wobbling teeth to comb tangled tough areas faster and easier. The round tooth-shafts minimize hair breakage and help control frizzies.
Laser Sheen Ready-to-Use


Laser Sheen Ready-to-Use is show stopping, high- gloss formula produces a radiant shine. Detangles mane and tails, leaving them shiner and more manageable. Won't make hair brittle and minimize breakage. Repels dust, dirt and stains to cut grooming time in half.
Oster Mane & Tail Brush


This mane and tail brush uses gentle bristles that effectively brush through hair to remove knots with extra care. Comfort handle and round brush head for grooming ease. Doesn't break or pull out hair.
Plastic Comb


Durable comb designed for multiple uses. 9" long.
Vetrolin Shine

from $11.95

Vetrolin® Shine spray contains essential vitamins and salon-quality silicone to condition and enhance coat, mane and tail with brilliant shine while minimizing breakage and easing grooming. It repels stains, dust and dirt and protects from sun and weather damage. 
Shapley's No.2 Heavy Oil


It is a wonderfully rich, deep conditioning oil. It is a great intensive oil treatment used either cold or heated to add needed oils back to the skin, coat, mane and tail. It adds skin back to dried, damaged skin and hair while softening and adding vitality.  Professional grooms recommend...
Braiding Yarn


It's strong with stretch for straight, sturdy braids that can maintain clean bottom line all day. If a horse sweats or gets a bath, it wont loosen.
Mane Pulling Knife


Stripping comb folds into its own wooden handle encased in stainless steel. Designed for manes and tails.
Braidbinder Bags


Super strong braiding bands are made from quality natural rubber. 500 in bag.
Tail Extension Bag


Secures tail extensions for travel and storage. Has protective tail flap. Black.
Horze Braiding Bands


500 rubber bands in a practical, plastic box. High quality silicone rubber. White
No Tangle Braid Binders


No tangle, no snag braiding bands. Pack of 500.
Seam Ripper


Remove braiding thread and bands quickly and easily with this seam ripper. The tip slides easily under each band to cut quickly and effortlessly. When used properly, the seam ripper will not damage the horse's mane or tail.

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