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Vetrolin Shine

from $11.95

Vetrolin® Shine spray contains essential vitamins and salon-quality silicone to condition and enhance coat, mane and tail with brilliant shine while minimizing breakage and easing grooming. It repels stains, dust and dirt and protects from sun and weather damage. 
Mane 'n Tail Shine On Spray


The original Mane 'n Tail Shine-On is designed to provide your horse's mane and tail with instant high-gloss shine that lasts. Shine-On® is a pH balanced formula that repels dust and provides long-lasting prevention of coat stains. 32oz
Shapley's Magic Sheen

from $13.95

Magic Sheen hair polish is a specially formulated silicone blend that produces maximum shine and a lustrous, healthy coat. Use it on wet or dry hair to easily detangle and condition horse's mane and tail, leaving it soft, silky and resistant to stains.
Leovet 5-Star Detangler


The premium detangler from Leovet contains Arginine, Wheat Pentavitin and Pro-vitamin B5 panthenol for healthy, nourished hair with lots of volume. It leaves the mane and smooth, shiny and easy to comb and protects from dust and dirt for several days. 750ml
Laser Sheen Concentrate


Laser Sheen concentrate mixes with water to polish and detangle your horse's mane and tail, leaving them shiny and manageable without drying or damaging. The beautiful results last for a week and simplify future grooming by continuing to repel dust, dirt and stains. 
Quic Braid

from $12.95

Quic Braid Mane & Tail Control gives you the perfect "grip" while braiding and banding, resulting in tighter braids and neater bands with minimal stray hairs. Quic Braid is a leave in mane & tail control that leaves the hair feeling soft and natural when it dries.
Survivor Detangler

from $10.95

Just a drop of Survivor Detangler with Vitamin E smooths out difficult tangles, enhances shine and leaves behind a healthy, soft coat, mane and tail. Used either wet or dry, its alcohol-free formula is non-drying, non-greasy and won't attract dust and dirt. 
Vetrolin Detangler


Vetrolin Detangler contains silicones to take out tangles fast, increasing manageability without damaging or drying hair. The easy-to-use detangler conditions and shines, while increasing volume & manageability. 12oz
Vetrolin Conditioner


Vetrolin® Conditioner with Solar Guard® protects against fading and discoloration from damaging sunlight and other harsh elements for up to 8 days. This protein-enriched conditioner penetrates deep into the hair to restore strength and elasticity while smoothing the mane and tail for easy grooming. 16oz
Canter Mane & Tail Conditioner

from $21.95

Mane & Tail is famous for keeping the mane and tail sleek, tangle-free and luxuriously soft for up to two weeks. Reduces hair breakage, provides an oil-free shine and contains citronella to repel flies. Can be applied to wet or dry manes and tails. For best results shampoo first with...
ShowSheen Finishing Mist


ShowSheen finishing mist quickly detangles, adds brilliant shine and effectively repels dirt with a fine, even mist enriched with Pro-Vitamins and silk proteins to nourish and strengthen the coat, mane and tail. The quiet, continuous spray bottle allows you quick and even coverage, even upside down. 15oz
Ace Bandage


These bandages are latex-free orthopedic grade woven bandages made of the finest quality yarns. Washable, non-sticking and latex-free, they are an essential tool both as a tail wrap and tendon wrap. Because they are stretchy and breathable, they can be adjusted and used to your horse's comfort. 4″ wide
Pro Choice Tail Wrap


This TailWrap is great for protecting horses' tails in the trailer, stall, pasture or during breeding. It protects better than other tail wraps because of its unique padded half cone. This padding protects the very top tail hairs from rubbing and fraying. And, with a non-slip lining and three adjustable hook...
Acavallo Gel Tail Guard


Soft neoprene with an inner layer of Acavallo gel that supports and protects the tail. Ideal for use with a Gel Tail Bandage or can be used in conjunction with a cotton tail bandage. 

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