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KL Italia Soft Grip Reins 5/8"


The 5/8″ Soft Grip Reins are a fusion of our Easy Grip and Calf Lined Reins. The Soft Grip Reins are rubber lined, calfskin reins with stops. Supple and easy to hold, with extra grip. 5/8"
Reins 1/2in. Rubber Reins


Red Barn rubber reins are like a traditional rubber rein, but feature small pimples. Width 1/2", length 54".
KL Plain Lace Reins


The 5/8" laced reins are available in round raised with white stitching. No fancy stitched. Horse size.
Breastplate Snap Draw Reins


Professional quality with trigger snaps. 14ft by 6 inch overall length (not including snaps). 1/2 inch width.
Ovation Pony Laced Reins


1/2 inch wide fancy laced show hunter reins shorter then normal length for ponies or horses with short necks. 48 inches long
Draw Reins w/ Buckle (Polo)


Correctly styled draw reins for polo and other disciplines made with durable Camelot leather. 15 feet overall length. 5/8 inch wide.
Anti Slip Reins


Featuring a durable, anti-slip grip, these reins will give you control when it is needed most. These reins have a traditional look and flexible feel. Designed with the rider in mind, the rubber grip and leather stops prevent slipping even in the toughest circumstances. The premium rubber strips follow the...
KL Select Pelham Reins


1/2" brown, hook stud rein.
Rubber Reins 5/8"

from $55.95

Black Oak rubber reins are 5/8" wide rubber reins with a hook stud end.  Full: 54" long Pony: 48" long
Red Barn Rubber Reins


Red Barn Rubber Reins are like a traditional rubber rein, but feature small pimples. Full size. Brown/pin closure.
Plain Reins


Thin plain rein. 3/8" wide. 54" long. Australian Nut brown.
Rein Stops


These rubber rein stops prevent the rings of a martingale from catching on the rein buckles or interfering with the action of the bit. Made of flexible, durable rubber. Sold as a pair.
Draw Reins with Rope


These leather draw reins with rope from Walsh are made of the highest quality Havana leather measuring 8'4" long from buckle to snap, by 3/4"wide. This includes 4.5' of braided nylon rope. 
Stealth Laced Reins

from $103.95

The 5/8″ Stealth Rein is a rubber lined laced rein, discreet enough for the show ring. Options: Brown flat laced or round raised fancy stitched, both hook stud ends; Full size only.
Special Grip Reins


The 3/4″ Special Grip Rein combines both web and exterior strips of rubber, with stops, for added stay. Options: Black buckle with stops or Brown hook stud with stops, Full size.
Pebble Grip Reins 3/4"

from $149.95

The 3/4″ Pebble Grip Reins are a soft rubber rein, with large pimples, that is easy to hold and provides an extra grip. Nut Brown color. 

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