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Plughz Ear Plugs

from $13.95

Lightweight non toxic foam ear plug for your equine partner. They have a slightly textured finish for slip resistance that is non irritating or ticklish like the sheepskin or acrylic ear plugs.
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Feed Pail Cover


Breakfast and Dinner printed feed tub cover. Black. Sold in a pair.
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4 Piece Funnel Set


These thick walled plastic funnels are durable enough for everyday use. Set includes 2",3",4" and 5" funnels to accommodate numerous applications.
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Stall Chain


Durable and economical. Consists of heavyweight rubber covered chain. 42" Long.
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Scrub Mitt Gel


Clean the dirt away with this amazing soft-gel like tool. One side has big bumps for the muddy spots and the other has small bumps for finish work.
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Acclimate© livestock introduction formula naturally inhibits an animal's ability to smell. Field tested proven under the following conditions: Prior to loading and during transport. Prior to a race, show and/or a performance event. Will not test positive. 100% all natural ingredients. 
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Plastic Salt Block Holder


Salt block holder for a rectangular 4 lb. salt and mineral block. Measures 4" x 2.5".
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Salt Block Holder


Poly/vinyl coated salt block holder is made with a durable metal frame. Will accommodate standard salt block. Comes complete with screws for easy instillation. Black.
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Chrome Plated Salt Block Holder


Heavy duty, chrome plated, made with a sturdy metal frame. Will accommodate standard salt block. Comes complete with screws for easy instillation.
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Masking Tape


Excellent for paint masking, general purpose holding, bundling, and other practical applications.
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Duct Tape

from $5.95

A strong, fabric based multi-purpose pressure sensitive adhesive tape.
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Vacuum Bag


Replacement vacuum bag for Electro Groom and Rapid Groom.
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Electro Groom


Excellent grooming power for removing dirt, loose hair, and parasites leaving the natural oils in the coat for a beautiful, shiny look. This unit is 28" high, 2" x 8" wheels. Tough baked enamel finish on 18 gauge steel. Two motor, 120 volt, 575 watts each 14.85 Amps, 150" of...
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Rapid Groom


Portable and powerful for thorough grooming power. Features a 2- speed, 120 volt turbine-motor for complete animal grooming. This unit provides maximum power (100" waterlift vacuum) for body hair, and 60" waterlift for legs and sensitive areas. 18 gauge steel body. 3" wheels. Removes dirt, dandruff, and parasites leaving hair...
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Shoe Boil Boot


Made of durable, smooth black rubber with nylon strap.
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Designed to help clean the threads of a shoe that has been drilled and tapped. Threads often get full of dirt, grass, etc. This T-Tap will help you get your studs put in quickly and correctly.

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