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Rubber Bands Stirrups


Replacement rubber bands for peacock stirrups. Sold as a pair. Black.
Leather Tabs for Stirrups


Replacement leather tabs for peacock stirrups. Sold as a pair. Brown.
Riveted Stirrup Leather

from $69.95

The Black Oak riveted calf lined leathers feature calf skin leather wrapped over a webbed core for a tactile, yet durable leather. The nylon webbing keeps these leathers from stretching and they are finished with a riveted buckle. Brown. 7/8" wide
American Equus Elite Stirrup


Crafted from 6061 T6 Aircraft Billet Aluminum. Incorporate ergonomically designed branches that naturally contour your legs around the barrel of the horse, easing knee, ankle and foot pressure. Sold as a pair.
Peacock Stirrups


Stainless steel with heavy duty rubber band on one branch that will release the rider's foot if needed. Heavy duty white rubber pads are included. 4" Stirrups. Sold as a pair.
Fillis Stirrup Pads


Traditional, white, fillis style stirrup pads are perfect for schooling or showing. Sold as a pair.
Fillis Stirrup Irons


A classic choice in stirrup iron for all disciplines. Crafted to last in stainless steel. Heavy duty white rubber pads are included. Sold as a pair.
Sand Paper Stirrup Pads


Pads feature and an abrasive center which helps hold foot in place.
Grated Stirrup Pads


Feature a grated surface for exceptional grip. Made of stainless steel. Sold as a pair.
Lorenzini Stirrup


The refined ergonomic design is studied to limit possible traumas in case of a fall and allow easy foot release. The particular shape guarantees great resistance to torsion stress, and therefore allows promote balance recovery. Made out of Titanium.
Calf Lined Stirrup Leathers


Feature soft calf skinned leather wrapped over a core of webbing, for a tactile, yet durable leather. The nylon webbing keeps these leathers from stretching. They are finished with a low profile buckle to eliminate bulk under the rider's leg. 78" inch width.
Super Comfort Iron Pads


Wraps around the entire iron, thereby eliminating foot to steel contact that often causes a rider to lose their stirrups. Reduces impact to help alleviate added stress on the knees and helps keep heels down.
Ovation Nylon Lined Stirrup Leathers


These leathers made in "Extra-supple" American tanned leather with a nylon core to prevent stretching. They are not bulky under the saddle yet are very strong. Stainless buckles. Color: Dark Brown Size: 3/4 x 54"
KL Select Half Hole Stirrup Leathers


All KL Half Hole Stirrup leathers feature the most supple English leather, handcrafted to the highest standards, exclusively for KL Select in England. These Leathers feature a stainless steel flat buckle, finished bevel edges, and 1/2″ between holes for maximum adjustability. 7/8" wide.
Stübben Maxi-Grip Stirrups


The Stubben Maxi Grip Stirrup  is constructed from a high-quality aluminum alloy to be exceptionally lightweight and stable. The wide double-angled tread provides stable foot placement and sharp pyramid-shaped points that grab your boots for a no-slip grip. 4.75". Sold as a pair. 
Acavallo Opera Stirrups


Acavallo's Opera stirrup features a patented loop construction, which allows the stirrup to lie flat and straight on the saddle flap, eliminating friction between the rider's leg and the stirrup leather. The large, stainless steel stirrup pad gives riders better grip and relieves tension in the hips, knees, ankles and calves. These are the most...

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