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Mrs. Pastures Cookies

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Mrs. Pastures® Cookies for Horses are made with a lot of love and no preservatives!  Dehydrated, so they are hard and crunchy, they have an excellent shelf life and won't fall apart in your pocket. [Custom Product Tab] Ingredients: Oats, Wheat Bran, Cane Molasses, Rolled Barley, Fresh Apples and Water...
Himalayan Salt


Ensure sufficient sodium supply. Made from pure natural Himalayan salt. Rope attached to allow to hang salt.
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Leoveties Power Mix Apple


Apples - fountain of health with vitamins, fibres and fruit acids, stimulating motivation.Sallow thorn - protection against infections with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and nut oil. Very soothing effect on the gastrointestinal tract.
Horse Snacks


These tasty and wholesome are made with real ingredients. Plus, they are the perfect size for training and rewarding.
Redmond Rock On Rope


An all natural salt mineral block for horses that is an excellent electrolyte replacement. It contains 10 times more minerals to help restore the mineral balance in horses, as well as provide them quality salt and the best natural trace mineral source available to keep them hydrated and healthier. Comes...
German Beet Treats


High fiber horse treat with beet pulp, the #1 ingredient. German Beet Treats are a perfect addition to your horse's regular diet and no soaking is required; feed them right out of the bag. These muffins are dry and firm.
Stud Muffins Slims


100% Handmade treats. Fortified with wholesome ingredients and flax seed. Insured they are as healthy as they are enjoyable. Stud Muffins Slims contain 50% less sugar than regular Stud Muffins. 45oz Bag
Jolly Stall Snack Refill


A treat for all classes of horses. Use in conjunction with Apple Shaped Jolly Stall Snack Holder.
Jolly Stall Snack


Fun apple shaped holder houses a great snack for any horse.
Likit Refill


A treat for all classes of equines. Use in conjunction with the Likit Holder.
Likit Holder


Keeps your horse happy by providing mental stimulation through environmental enrichment. Likit refill sold separately.
POLO Mints


Peppermint candies with a whole in the middle.
Jolly Stall Snack Combo


Alleviates stall boredom. Comes with the ever popular apple scented 8" Jolly Ball attached. Treat not included.
Ball Feeder


Encourages a more natural, slower eating patter than feeding from a bucket. A useful aid to relieving boredom or stress in the stable or paddock and for horses on stall rest. Fill with horse treats or similar.
Omega Nibblers


Tasty and nutritious Omega-3 treat supplement for horses in all life stages. Promotes soft shiny coat, healthy skin and solid hooves.
Uncle Jimmy's Hangin' Ball

from $29.95

The perfect stall boredom treat for your horse. They will spend hours trying to lick and grab this entertaining ball. Packed with vitamin and minerals essential to your horse's everyday need.

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