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Walsh Nylon Grooming Halter


This lightweight, durable nylon halter by Walsh features reinforced stitching and heavy brass hardware. Extremely functional, it's sturdy enough to hold up through everyday use. 
Walsh Nylon Breakaway Halter


Walsh nylon breakaway halters are made out 1" wide soft heavy nylon webbing and solid brass, non-rust hardware. Straight chin with snap at the throat. Available in 3/4" and 1"
Walsh Ribbed Velcro Bell Boots


The Walsh Rubber Velcro Bell Boots are excellent for exercise, training, turn out, or shipping. Made of durable ribbed rubber and double-locking Velcro brand closures to keep them secure. Sold in pairs.
Leather Lead w/ Snap


1” wide 6’ long lead made of English Bridle Leather. Havana (dark brown) or chestnut color. 
Leather Blinkers


Designed for horses that are nervous or need help focusing forward. Made with sturdy leather and a Velcro and soft chap leather closure. Sold as a pair. Havana
Pelham Bit Converter


Easy to use and uniquely designed Pelham converter. Simply loop the rope through the bottom ring of the bit and attach the leather portion to the center ring. Attach your reins to the rope section and you are all set to ride.    Medium: 6.5" Long Large: 7.5" Long
Rope Caveson w/ Flash


English bridle leather in Havana coupled with durable rope and stainless steel hardware. 1/2" wide crown. Crank style with stiff rope nose. Removeable flash noseband. Horse size with ample adjustment.
Hunter Breastplate w/ Elastic


Fully adjustable and designed to fit into any training program. The high quality elastic allows freer movement through the shoulders and will not stretch out. Has stainless steel hardware and padded whither strap.
Breast Collar w/ Elastic


Designed to allow free movement through the shoulders while the chest piece rests at the base of the neck. The chest is padded while the ends are secured with durable black elastic & stainless steel hardware. Horse size.
Leather Bib


Prevents your horse from chewing blankets, wraps or bandages. Attaches to the halter with snaps and a leather strap.
Cotton Lunge Line

from $50.95

A great tool that is heavy duty and can and can handle the rigors of training. 1" wide. Hand loop.
Walsh Bell Boots Ribbed No Velcro

from $7.95

A very durable bell boot that is made of the finest quality rubber to provide maximum protection to bulb area of heel.
Walsh Bell Boots Ribbed with Velcro and Fleece


The fleece lined top and double lock Velcro closure make this boot a great value when it comes to comfort for the horse and ease of use for the owner.
Walsh Stitched Leather Replacement Crown for 3/4" Nylon Breakaway Halter


Walsh Doubled and Stitched Leather Crown for 3/4" halters by Walsh.
Walsh Shipping Halter


This genuine sheepskin halter - made using the highest quality bright white sheepskin, hand-sewn onto a 1" Walsh Havana double-stiched halter - promises superior protection against rubbing during shipping.

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